Dating after young widowhood

What the agony aunts recognised was that bringing ordinary women’s secrets into the open could transform the lives of many more people than just the original letter-writer.

He was spurred on after struggling with a love affair and realising he had nobody to ask about it without revealing his identity.Unsurprisingly, Virginia Ironside remembers a ‘fair bit of resistance’ from doctors, whose godlike status was being threatened by this new rival source of information.But she felt she was handing power back to her readers to run their own lives.Big on periods, spots and what to do when your best friend won’t talk to you, they were kind but stood no ­nonsense, like a friendly biology teacher.By sixth form, my friends and I had graduated to Cosmopolitan’s Irma Kurtz on the mysteries of the female orgasm - which would, for many of us, remain mysterious for years: but at least we felt prepared, passing one ­dog-eared copy around at lunchtimes.

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