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Ticos tend to be jealous, because there are very high rates of infidelity in the country.People like to have a good time, and sometimes they just happen to have a better time with someone new and exciting.The negative effects of teenage pregnancy include: obstructed labor, shame of teenage mothers, results in increased risk of infant death and maternal death or disability.

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Tico men are very proud, and their machismo does not let them get to upset.Ticos/Ticas now usually require spending massive amounts of time with them whenever possible.Jealousy is not simply a cultural aspect that does not have any reasoning behind it.Therefore, one would assume that teenage pregnancy rates are lower, but in fact they are not. Statistics show that pregnant younger women aged 15 to 19 in developing countries have a higher death rate due to complications from pregnancy and childbirth.Major international surveys show that babies born to very young mothers under the age of 14 are 50% more likely to die than children born to women in their twenties.

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