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The women lunched at Applebee’s and shopped for baby stuff together, police sources said. Angel Praylow wrote about his “baby girl” on Facebook, posting the 3-D images of the fetus’ face and answering questions from relatives eager to attend the baby shower.

Everyone in Wade’s life was eagerly awaiting the baby girl she claimed was coming. I didn’t know she wasn’t,” said Wade’s landlord, Angela Parris, who deals with pregnant women as an OB/GYN nurse. Praylow told one family member on Facebook that they thought Nov. But on Facebook that day, he wrote, “She not ready to come out yet.” “It’s a shocker to him.

For months, Wade had lied to friends and acquaintances that she was pregnant.

9] testified that the only reason he [instead of a senior physician] saw her is because they were so busy the residents had to help out.” The doctors at Maimonides were able to delay Buck’s labor until Feb.There were always sonogram pictures — but one posted on Angel Praylow’s Facebook page in May, and again in July, exactly matches sonograms available online via Google Images.When her boyfriend posted the sonogram on his Facebook feed, Wade joked to him: “U stole my picture.” Steven Praylow said his son didn’t go to Wade’s doctor’s appointments because he was always working in the kitchens at New York University.Wade was taken to Jacobi Hospital for psychiatric evaluation. The mortally wounded woman and her infant were taken to Montefiore Hospital. Sutton’s loved ones reeled at news of her horrifying death.“How can you be so spiteful, to cut someone’s baby out?

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