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Prostitutes were are safe, kept track of, and held accountable for their business.

If you don’t file and pay taxes, then no hanky panky.

We were also not allowed to stand in one spot for to long, we had to keep walking. Despite the weather, at times it was so crowded we were walking shoulder to shoulder through some of the alleyways. The prostitutes were all pretty girls but also all plastic. At first it almost felt like a zoo and I began to feel sorry for them. They didn’t even have a sexy smirk on their face, they simply looked bored and unhappy in my opinion.

Thinking these were someone’s daughters, moms, etc. As we strolled around, the tour guide continued to tell us more about the business aspect behind the red light district. There was no low life pimp taking a cut or some brothel taking a commission.

But other parts of her are pretty damn fine as well.

In case you don’t know much about this fine piece of meat, Vida Guerra is a Cuban-born glamour model who grew up in New Jersey.

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Cafe in NYC by Typewriter Girls Crystal and Margaret!This woman right here is famous for her big ole butt.Yes, like J-Lo and Kim K, Vida Guerra is all about that booty.She did a lot of photo shoots for magazines like FHM and was a hip hop music video girl for a while.Students at one New Jersey high school could face child pornography charges if found in possession of nude photos of classmates.

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