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There is no leader in the world who directly confronts or accuses Jews for the bad things they do.Appearing friendly toward Jews is the policy of virtually every world leader nowadays, certainly every European or western leader.The audience gets an opportunity to vote--via the "Punishment Poll"--for the penalty Sardonicus must pay for his deeds...Of the William Castle films with which I'm familiar, "Sardonicus" is definitely the best.I imagine that it's impossible to ever know whether or not my idea is correct, since too much time has passed since the film was made.Many people make a big deal about the "Punishment Poll" gimmick for the film, but it's really just a distraction for any serious viewer; too bad that Castle's 11th-hour on-screen appearance breaks the mood just prior to the classically understated irony of the final scene.If you strip away some of the schlocky "padding" (the maid with the leeches, the "beauty contest" in the cellar, etc) you have a remarkably effective and entertaining film.

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Jonathan Jones, a professor of ancient languages, comes into possession of an ancient coin.

at Arms / Shadow Knight / Shameful Eddie's Worker / Shelby's Dad / Shelbyville Man in Play / Shelbyville Manhattan / Shelbyville Milhouse / Shelbyville Nelson / Shelbyvillian #3 / Shemp / Sherpa #2 / Shoe Doctor / Shotgun Pete / Sid's Partner / Sidekick Windlad / Silent Alarm Voice / Silkie / Singer / Sir Anthony Hopkins / Skewed Tour Announcer / Ski Instructor / Skowie / Sleazy Sam / Small Robot / Smash / Smokey the Bear Robot / Snake #1 / Snake #2 / Soccer Kid / Soldier#1 / Sorcererintendent Chalmers / Soul Mass Transit System Host / Souvenir Attendant / Spanish Man in Movie / Spanish TV Announcer / Speaking Toy / Special Report Announcer / Spider / Spider Moe / Spin Doctor / Spine-Melter 2000 Salesman / Spirit #2 / Sponge / Sportacus Clerk / Sprawl-Mart Manager / Springfield Mystery Spot Owner / Springfield Police Department Rescue Phone / Springfield Squares Announcer / Springfield of Tomorrow Narrator / Squeaky-voiced Teen / Squid / Stage Manager / Stan / Stan Taylor / Stanley / Stark Richdale / Stavros / Steel Mill Worker #2 / Steel Mill Worker #3 / Steel Mill Worker #4 / Stegosaurus / Stevie B. / Wes Doobner / Whipping Man / White Dragon / Widelife Preserve Representative / Wiggum / Wild Beast #1 / William Clark / William Milo / Willie's Father / Window Pane Man / Wine Snob / Winemaker / Wings Announcer / Wolf / Wolfgang Schmuck / Wolfman Jack / Wooly Bully Clerk / Worker / Worker #1 / Worker #3 / Worker in Movie / World Trade Center Worker #2 / Wrestling Announcer / Writer #1 / Writer #2 / Yakov Smirnoff / Yale Admissions Man / Yiddisha Guy / Yo-Yo Ma / Yoga Instructor / Zachary Vaughn / Zadume Magarabad / Zombie #1 / Zombie DJ #2 / Zombie Dad / Zombie Groans / Zombies / Zookeeper / Zorro / announcer / drawbridge Guy (2011, on Heat and working with Al Pacino) There's a scene where Al Pacino's interrogating me, and...

It just so happened, however, that I was shooting The Birdcage at the same time, and my first day on The Birdcage was the following morning.

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