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That’s because the metal RV skin forms a Faraday Shield which will protect everything inside of it from lightning.

However, fiberglass skin over stick constructed RVs won’t protect you from lightning at all, so either get to a campground building or simply go sit in your car. RV Travel contributor Mike Sokol is America’s leading expert on RV electricity.

With the Cheap Heat™ system there’s a better option.

Now you have a choice to change the central heating system between gas and electric with the flip of a switch.

I wasn’t too surprised by the results, except that I don’t believe only 20 percent of you DO NOT use any kind of surge protector. Sometimes your 50-amp power cord is not quite long enough! I have heard if you put your landing gear on the ground that you solve the open ground problem. And even then it needs to have a solid electrical path all the way back to the campground’s electrical service panel.

That’s when this 15-foot extension cord will come in very handy. Even a ground rod directly bolted to your RV chassis will not “ground” your RV. — Q: Went to a Corps of Engineers (COE) park the last weekend of October.

But now we take all of our electrical gadgets and appliances with us.

If you deem what we provide to you here and at to be of special value and would like to be a part of our effort, please consider pledging a voluntary subscription. We will include you in special emails, articles and videos exclusively for our supporters. Until now, the standard for heating recreation vehicles of all types has been to use bottled propane (LPG).

Do you need all you can get — preferably a 50-amp shore power hookup? Or are you perfectly fine with your onboard 12-volt system, maybe using solar power to keep your batteries charged? From Mike: “I highly recommend this Fluke Non Contact Voltage Tester (NCVT) for both hot-skin voltage detection and hot-neutral polarity testing.

Even though it’s rated for 90 to 1,000 volts, it will detect a hot-skin condition down to 40 volts simply due to the huge surface of your RV that’s potentially energized.

Again, the metal surrounding you in a car or metal-skin RV is what protects you from lightning, NOT the rubber tires. Mike has taken his 40 years of experience to write this book about RV electricity that nearly anyone can understand.

Covers the basics of Voltage, Amperage, Wattage and Grounding, with additional chapters on RV Hot-Skin testing, GFCI operation, portable generator hookups and troubleshooting RV electrical systems. Learn more or order Ever wonder just how much current a 2/0 camlok can carry?

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