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(Store this piece of information in your mental filing cabinet.)\n\t\tvar inline Ad Factory = ad Factory;\n\t\tinline Ad Param( 'adfactory_desktop_inline_300x250__desktop__tablet_901', 'desktop_inline_300x250_901' );\n\t\tad = inline Ad Multi Ad( new Array( \"300x250\" ) );\n\t\Position( 901 );\n\t\tad.write('adfactory_desktop_inline_300x250__desktop__tablet_901');\n\t season 6, episode 14, another text message is received.

Apparently, a 9-iron golf club was the murder weapon. She decides to find out if Ezra’s 9-iron is missing, but he left town.

Sabrina won’t let Aria into Ezra’s room, so she has to come up with a different plan.

Apparently, they've moved past the fact that Charlotte tried to murder them and kept their moms in a basement forever.

The Liars begin discussing the text message and who could be responsible.

Emily Fields is convinced Sara Harvey sent the message.

He asks why she left so quickly and worries she felt awkward about their night of passion. In fact, she seems to use her eyes and coy smile to praise him on his…. Spencer Researches Yvonne Spencer is then given a big book of research data on Veronica’s competition, Kristine Phillips.

A ton of information is in the data, including Kristine’s daughter, Yvonne.

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