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These are just a few of the areas where we have non-genetic evidence of differentiation between modern humans and Neanderthals.

While the study of DNA reveals aspects of relatedness and lineage, its primary function is, of course, to control the production of proteins that regulate an organism’s biology.

These peptides support the production of collagen in ther body ...This tells us that these traits were selected for in the evolution of modern humans and were possibly selected against in Neanderthals.Though some of the genomic areas that may have been positively selected for in modern humans may have coded for structural or regulatory regions, others may have been associated with energy , cognitive development, and the morphology of the head and upper body.Each gene may have a variety of genotypes, which are the variances that can occur within the site of a particular gene.Each genotype codes for a respective phenotype, which is the physical expression of that gene.

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