Rgb color picker online dating

I expect there are issues with making them editable, especially the top one in your image. I agree that the HEX, RGB and other fields in the color picker window should be editable and then the color picker should dynamically update.

While not likely a bug, I could file a feature request have the idea explored.

), RGB fields are changing the preview color but once you click OK or click anywhere on the color selector all the entered RGB changes are discarded (bug? Sorry, by making a selection you mean manually typing numbers into RGB fields, right? I did find a bug ticket for this (EXTJS-20443) and it has been fixed for 5.1.3, 6.0.3 and 6.2.0.

Link: There is no way of entering the color value manually currently. ), HEX field inside the selector is read only (why?At least we could improve it and ship it as an Example first before it gets stable enough to be promoted as an API thing. My small feedback from looking at the video is that you could align the R/G/B Square at the bottom to be the same width as the main frame, e.g.using Push Item Width(), and perhaps in this context it would make more sense to not have a label visible and save the horizontal space all together.Micko's old imgui using nanovg also have a better color picker: That I wanted to replicate but haven't got around to do it yet.I thought I'd seen a task for this somewhere, however I was not able to find it again.

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