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Some documents are duplicates; others may have already been released.

(In an email, Martha Murphy, the chief of JFK records at the National Archives, says she can’t confirm the figure of 113, 000 pages.)The JFK database provides many clues about what’s coming.

To their disappointment, this coming trove of JFK documents isn’t likely to contain any “smoking guns.” But, as Politico noted in 2015, there will be plenty of potentially embarrassing information about the CIA, an institution Trump and his supporters have denigrated as part of the “deep state.”Russia, Cuba and Jack Ruby The contents of the trove can be gleaned from metadata in the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) online database of JFK records.

Nosenko was detained and interrogated at two secret CIA detention facilities in Maryland and Virginia.

Held for more than four years without facing legal charges, Nosenko never confessed, despite Angleton’s efforts to break him.

The measure was signed into law by President George H. Bush, a former CIA director, and set the statutory deadline that arrives later this year.

The Cold War conspiracies documented in the coming records include: transcripts of the interrogation of a Soviet defector, a report on a suspected assassin in Mexico from the KGB Soviet intelligence service, the CIA connections of four Watergate burglars and the operational files of two CIA assassination planners.

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