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In those pits, archeological students have also found broken pottery pieces and other items.

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“But they’re only preserved because they’re charred.” Hannus said the findings reiterate that the American Indians of the area—about 200 to 250 of them at the site at any one time—had a complex diet and weren’t exactly a primitive people. We understand the value of recruiting and retaining quality employees who “desire a career” as opposed to simply “having a job”.Many of our managers, estimators and salespeople began their careers as apprentices or field installers and have advanced within the company as their experience has grown.Researchers working the archaeological site along Lake Mitchell have discovered troves of small, charred kernels of corn and sunflowers, each only a few millimeters wide, that remain intact more than 1,000 years after people lived in the area along Firesteel Creek.Researchers have also found corn cobs, which they say show how much agriculture has changed, and affirms that people of the region had a diverse diet.

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