Updating dst on redhat9

Essentially I was tired of updating kernels every few months.Cent OS under Virtual Box still needs custom handling compared with Ubuntu.I was nerveous about upgrading, rather than installing. Update: I had to retry using Cent OS 4.2 DVD iso due to the problem with grub problem.I tried to use grub for the boot screen and even with --force-lba, it fails to boot at /dev/hda10 (root (hd0,9)) due to the fact that the grub does not understand LBA. However, this must be wrong, since my LILO with lba32 can boot without problems. Except version number changes of various software, the following tips still work as I worked through all the fixes to make my laptop work under Cent OS 4.4 kernels. When I tried to update using GUI (System-Software Update) after the installation of Cent OS 6, the GUI seemed to hang. Update (7/21/2011) The issue of running Virtual Box Addition "CD" was fixed at Cent OS 6 so that you just right click on the Virtual Box Additions "CD" and run.Instead I have a virtual Cent OS 5 hosted by Oracle Virtual Box.

updating dst on redhat9-86updating dst on redhat9-82updating dst on redhat9-79

Taking the DVD won't install GUI at all (compared with others like Ubuntu or Open SUSE). Update (7/22/2011) Do not install Cent OS 6 on Oracle Virtual Box at this time. Update (7/7/2011) I don't have a separate installation of Cent OS anymore.

Somehow, it complained about cvs package which does not have the correct signature. The end result was that the up2date failed in the middle.

The worst thing is that "up2date" thinks that everything is fine. I just dd the old Linux partition from the backup disk to the current disk again, using a CDROM distribution Knoppix.

EL, which is version 4.1 of Cent OS (you check by uname -a).

The problem started when I did up2date for all components it recommended to update.

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